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Elite Glee Icons

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An community for elite Glee icons

About The Community
Welcome to gleelite_icons, an icon community for exceptional icons based on the television series, “Glee”, on Fox. The community is open to be watched by anyone interested in the work, but posting access is restricted, and you must apply to be accepted to post your work. This community is not just for those with good or decent icons, it's for the best.

1. If you only want to view the icons, DO NOT TRY TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY! Just watch it, please :)
2. If you wish to apply to post your work, then submit your application here. If you are accepted into the community, an invitation to join with posting access will be sent to you.
3. No requests are to be posted within the community.
4. Maximum of 4 teasers per post. Any larger posts must either be linked to your journal or put behind a cut.
5. Please be respectful to the members posting there work. DO NOT hotlink work or attempt to claim it as your own. Give credit when it is requested by the maker, and never alter anyones work.
6. Any icons that may contain spoilers need to be placed behind a cut, or not in the teaser's at all if possible. Notifying that there are possible spoilers in the post you are linking to is appreciated as well.